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Hyundai Vans

Hyundai Vans

Hyundai, without any doubt, is one of the biggest names in the field of automobile industry. Apart from manufacturing some of the best cars, many of us may not be aware of the fact that Hyundai van vehicles are also becoming extremely popular and can come in handy especially if you have family whom you would like to take out on a vacation.

However, the entry of Hyundai vans has been of a recent happening and it could be due to the fact that many of the previous Kia vans are now being remodeled and sold under the brand of Hyundai van vehicles. It would be pertinent to point out here that almost around 20 years back, low cost version of Hyundai vans were introduced in the market and it was called the “Excel Pony”. Though this did not exactly set the van market on fire, it was a precursor of better things to come from the stables of Hyundai. Many customers went in for these low-priced vans which were available at a price of $3,600 at that point in time. Though there were a number of quality issues, the fact that a family could own a four wheeler for this price was one of the main reasons why it was popular during those years.

Having gathered enough experience with the low priced versions of Hyundai vehicles, the company started coming out with improved versions. However, such improvements were basically restricted only to cars and sedans and the company’s foray into serious vans started only with the remodeled versions of Kia Sedona. However, this is perhaps was only the beginning and within the next few years, many new models of Hyundai van started coming out in the market. We can immediately recall the highly popular Hyundai H1, iMax and iLoad vans, which are considered a very stubborn and high performing automobiles. Apart from being very big, it is well known for its high power, comfort, durability that is associated with this particular model of the many Hyundai vans. They are also packed with a number of features which, without doubt, make them as one of the best travel vans that one can aspire for.

Hyundai iMax and iLoad vans

iLoad and iMax Hyundai van specifications

The exteriors of these van vehicles are simply stunning. They come with dual, sliding doors. It also has a rear opening for keeping luggage and accommodating more number of people, if it is needed. The indoors are also very contemporary and the cabin and dash board are very attractive with a number of user-friendly features.

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